Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Vid Way Tuesday
There are moments every day when I lose faith - when I no longer place my trust in God. You, the onlooker, may not see it, but it happens. Some days I just worry all day...or at least it feels that way. I can say a prayer for help but my mind just doesn't stop easily - it keeps reminding me of this problem or that situation or the one that hasn't yet arrived.

Solitude with the Lord is so hard for me at times - yet I know it is what I need. I read on someone's blog recently, in a quote by a Saint, [paraphrased] that everyone needs to pray for one hour every day - and for those who don't have the time to pray one hour a day, they need to pray for two hours. I need the two.

My business has not been doing well lately.
A key employee is hospitalized.
I don't have enough money saved for the future.
Insurance costs are doing me in.
Why do other people succeed financially and I struggle?
There just are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.
I want to do more for others, but I seem to drop the ball.
Memory gets shorter - list of things to remember gets longer.
I seldom make enough time to pray like I should.

'Click' the above > then relax before the Lord for a few minutes.
Yeh, right ... easy for you to say.

Place my TRUST in God and not myself.


Adrienne said...

I'm stunned, saddened and so very sorry you are having such a crappy day.

I'll pray for you:)

uncle jim said...

well, i figure i'm not the only character who has crappy days.

they aren't all that way.

that's just the other guy talking.

what do you do when they strike?

Adrienne said...

Simple!! I crawl up on the couch with lots of carbs to eat, a great book, both the dogs and just wallow in the depression. I make it the very center of my existence. I ENJOY every bloody bit of the misery. After awhile I am sooooo bored I just get up, take a shower, shave my legs (you can skip that part), and get on with life.

You might try football and Bud Lite since Miller is off the menu.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sorry to hear about your worries. I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day. With new job, 2 hour round trip drive and obligations at home, I was just lamenting the other day about needing more than 24 hours in the day. I had also read on the blog about when you don't have time you need prayer even more. It made me feel really guilty because I used to go to mass every day and pray at least one other time during the day. Now most of the time it's just a few words to Jesus as I'm rushing from one thing to the next. We have a chapel right in school and it's real close to my office. I find it hard to focus on praying when there's so much else to be done, my mind wanders. When I do make the time I find it makes me feel more peaceful.
I do the same as Adrienne when I'm feeling down. My comfort food is potato chips and dip and I usually watch something mindless on TV. I usually love to read but when I'm down I can't concentrate. When you wallow in it, you either get bored or disgusted with yourself.
Just know that you have a lot of people that care about you and are praying for you. Hope you are feeling better.

uncle jim said...

hey, gang-
thanks for the thoughts and prayers.
i do get that way at times ... the list was a compilation over time ... not all going on right now. but, none-the-less, i do have to shake it off at times. I gotta get more time into my day for plain old stopping and praying more than ejaculations.
the jewish custom of 100 berakhot each day is probably a good thing.

Adoro said...

Trust, trust, trust.

It's a trial to teach you the above.

Just remember that when you think that God is furthest away, that is when he is actually closest to you.

uncle jim said...

Thanks for the reminder ... it is logical that He and His grace would be closer in times of testing - in faith I know that. When my faith is waning, I forget that.

Anonymous said...

Driving home yesterday--about an hour's drive in the dark and rain--I was worrying about the traffic, rain, seeing in the dark, with all the glare. I thought how easy it would be to just kick back and relax, and hey, if I died--so what--so what was I worrying about?

But then I decided that if I did not have a little worry to keep me focused on my driving--I could get in to an accident, and not die, but be mamed. So, I quit relaxing and started worrying again.

Maybe a little worry keeps us alert to our surroundings--like fear or pain--they let us know to "watch out."

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