Friday, October 19, 2007

Where's my heart? - #2


YES, it is a little longer.

For 19 minutes, we can be with Jesus.

' CLICK ' on the > above, and hold onto your heart.

You may even have to watch it over and over and over and...

It WILL grab your heart.
Thank you, Adoro Te and Adam's Ale for sharing with the rest of us.


Adrienne said...

That was a very powerful video and worth the 20 minutes. A copy for my religous ed class would be wonderful. Our over-indulged young people would certainly benefit from seeing how the rest of the world lives.

Since, I am a rather simple soul and prefer to "cut to the chase" please, someone explain to me why in our world today people still live like that.

I know all the political and social blah blah but it still is a complete mystery to moi.

uncle jim said...

I wish I knew for sure the country in which this was filmed. I suppose I can 'google' it by one of the names in the credits and see what I get.

Regardless, it is at the very heart of Pope B-16's recent message on Wednesday.
- - - - -
Pope Denounces Rich-Poor Divide
Calls It an Offense Against Human Dignity

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 17, 2007 ( The growing disparity between the rich and the poor is an offense against human dignity, says Benedict XVI.
- - - - -

We all need to do better. The problem exists right here, too, just not in the sheer numbers. And the artist character is correct - it is we who have become used to the poverty, so much so that we don't see it.

uncle jim said...

So I did ...
the artist's name is Joey Velasco. He is in the Philippines.
There are a number of YouTube Videos on him and his other paintings.
There is also a book about the paintings called 'They Know Jesus'.
o to and set-up an account [FREE} so you can access all of these and take a look at some of them - just put his name in the search bar.
Then find internet access for your religious ed kids and show them. I the meantime, show your family and friends the one on my site.
E-mail them with a link to mine and let them view it.
It might change someone's heart.

Adrienne said...

My plan is to be sending my kids to different blogs - sort of like a treasure hunt and report back at class. I already figured out to send them to your blog for a viewing of this video. I'd rather keep them off YouTube. Too much bad mixed with the good.

Check out Fulton J. Sheen on YouTube. What a speaker!!!

uncle jim said...


Fortunately, I remember Bishop Sheen's show well. Don't tell anyone.

I have seen some of the YouTube vids on him and they're good - I just wonder who dug them up and from where.

Great idea re your students. What grade level?

Adrienne said...

You can still purchase whole videos of Fulton J. Sheen shows. Ignatius usually has them. The two shows that we had to watch when I was growing up were Sheen and Perry Mason.
My kidlets range from 7th - 12th grade - all thrown in a room together with yours truly. I have one teacher that works with me. The other teacher and I are also on the RCIA team. Which means, on Sunday morning I'm in kid speak mode and on Monday night I switch to adult speak mode. Sometimes the two are very, very close:)

Anonymous said...

Its sad that theres people out there just on the edge of dying. They eat anything! that they can find. And when were just a little bit hungry we can just go to the kictchen and grab something to eat, it's that simple for us. It makes me feel bad.


Anonymous said...

Watching this and reading it. Had some impact on me and i would bet it did on alot of other people. Seeing how these people are fourced to live and hurt. Made me relize how important it is that we know we live in a world of imperfections and youll never get your way all the time. But to remember you have way more things to look forward to then they do. They have to live in a world where there may have no hope or no dreams to live off of. Its sad and truley painful. Its also sad that we can not help as much as we all wish.. :[ but at least we may be able to help a little right? Thanks

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