Friday, October 12, 2007

Gone camping

his is the weekend for my annual camp-out with the Boy Scout Troop I work with.
My favorite week-end of the year [snicker].
In a tent, on the ground, in a sleeping bag, temperature in the low forties tonight.
My favorite week-end of the year [snicker].
Eating it cold, or cooked over an open fire, there's nothing like camping food.
My favorite week-end of the year [snicker].

See you all Sunday evening...have a great week-end.
My favorite week-end of the year [snicker].


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I'm a Scout mom (one Life Scout working on Eagle, and one who can't wait to be a Tiger) and I want to thank you for the sacrifices you and the other leaders make so that boys like mine can have the wonderful experience of Scouting.

uncle jim said...

I'm home! I survived!

This is an annual men and boys camp-out. It was originally a 'scout' thing but spread over the years to boys bringing friends, and dads. It has now spread to any men and boys. Some men come who started coming when their boys were scouts ... the boys have grown up and moved away, but the men keep coming. We had 62 men and boys this year. A great event.

The 'ghost' hike late at night is an annual story telling thriller.. the boys love it. I went to bed.

It is especially great for boys whose dad's are no longer with their family - some of those dads come; and for those who aren't there, there are plenty of male role-models around to pick up the slack.