Monday, October 22, 2007

SCANDAL at Holy Cross College in Worchester, MA

FAST and

PRAY hard for Bishop McManus - he needs to keep his firm stand.

PRAY hard for the President of Holy Cross College - he needs to change his stance.

PRAY hard for the counter rally to take place - the harm that is being done is of scandalous proportions.

Read this release from the Cardinal Newman Society which has outreaches at many Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States.

Link to article here.

The event is scheduled for October 24, 2007.


Adrienne said...

The president of Holy Cross actually sounds a bit proud to have hosted other events that are not authentically Catholic.

I have been following this since it started and it doesn't surprise me one teeny, tiny bit.

Uncle Jim - it is "in" to defy Church teachings, or more correctly, the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Good for Bishop McManus - pray for him!

uncle jim said...

Dawn Eden [the Dawn Patrol, and the Thrill of the Chaste fame] will be there with the counter rally. It is almost unbelievable all the bad press the SJ's are getting the last couple of years ... and the majority of them are working their tales of for the Lord. It is these renegades who are making them all look idiotic.

It is hard to understand.

Adrienne said...

Tales? Does that mean the SJ's don't have tails? Might make them very crabby.

I love our SJ's at Gonzaga but.....they are a bit "off the page". Both my hubby and I enjoy going to the Sunday evening Mass at St. Al's on the Gonzaga campus. The last time we went I was hauling 25 of my kidlets from church. Wanted them to see the wonderful faith of the college kids who were at Mass under their own steam - not because someone "made" them go.

The celebrating priest also happened to have been my hubby's spiritual advisor when he did the year long Ignatian retreat.

There were so many liturgical abuses I quit counting after the first 5 or so and said a fervent prayer of thanks to God that the kidlets wouldn't know the difference.

Was it a valid Mass? You bet! Did we all receive the graces due us. You bet! I'll just leave the rest up to God.