Thursday, October 25, 2007

MILLER Time? ... or NOT

[tip a Smythwicks to Peggy Reilly for sending this to us]

Is it Time for BOGO Wines or still Miller Time?


Hello BOGO and potential BOGO Wines Customers.

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Catholic League president Bill Donohue released the following statement today regarding the league's protest of Miller beer:

"Last week we sent some photos of the Miller-sponsored Folsom Street Fair to all the pastors of the 166 Protestant churches in Milwaukee. Today we are blanketing all the synagogues and mosques in Milwaukee; we are asking rabbis and imams for their assistance in protesting Miller's anti-religion agenda. Next week we will target another segment of the Milwaukee community.

"Our anti-Miller PR campaign and boycott of Miller beer will continue on a weekly basis until such time that the Miller Brewing Company issues a statement reassuring Americans that it will never again promote an anti-religious event. There are signs that our boycott is working.

"Mike Setto owns Orion Keg & Wine Party Store in Lake Orion, Michigan, and he has told his distributors not to deliver any more cases of Miller beer to his store. A practicing Catholic, Setto is also encouraging other store owners not to stock Miller. Significantly, he has done several TV, radio and newspaper interviews about this issue.

"I am also delighted to report that my own pastor has placed flyers at the back of his church urging parishioners not to buy Miller beer. We have also been contacted by many other priests across the nation saying they have informed their congregants not to purchase Miller beer. Additionally, we have received the support of several advocacy organizations in our campaign against Miller.

"In other words, the boycott is in full swing. Our game plan includes ways that will expand the boycott. So stay tuned."

Contact Miller ace Julian Green at

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


Adrienne said...

Since I am a 17 year (one day at a time) member of AA, buying Miller beer around our house will not be an issue.

For Miller beer to lend it's name to such a depraved event as the Folsom Street Fair says heaps about where this country has landed and where we are headed in the future.

In addition, the fact that society would just shrug and move on with their day also says bunches. We've indeed "come a long way, baby!!"

uncle jim said...

Well, I am an occasional beer drinker and, in the past, have liked Miller Lite.


Guess I'll find another label for those occasional times.

And congrats on the 17 yrs ... I'm proud of you. I have other friends who have made the journey with you, and a few who fell off, and a few who haven't made the step yet, and one I'm working real hard with to get him to do something hard, but 'its not a problem' to him yet.

I hope there are enough people who switch brands that MILLER will know where the dip is real.

What a campaign.

Adrienne said...

You are so sweet to have just ignored my massive misspelling of boundaries. The nice man that teaches the kidlets with me brought it to my attention. The up-side?? Now I know how to edit my posts!!

Buddhist, RN said...

I'm one of those people in "society". Let gay pride happen...good for them. I don't really care what happens in their bedrooms, only what happens, or doesn't, in mine. Art, or parodying it, is one of the freedoms I love to have. Not everyone may like the parodies made or the things it implies, but isn't it the art that people think is scandalous at the time that people talk about later and are hanging in museums? As long as they're not storming through the church telling us we're not free enough ith our sexuality or views on it, it seems fine to me. I'm not saying they're right, but we can't forcibly change people, nor would I ever want to.

uncle jim said...

As Christians we should care about the condition of others' souls. Christ has charged us to evangelize and draw all peoples unto Him.We cannot force them to change behaviors that are objectively wrong, but we certainly can work at helping them find a way to Christ.

Art is art ... and oft times it does scandalize others. Certainly an artist is free to render whatever he or she chooses ... but to intentionally ridicule another subset of society is not good form.

Those who are offended are likewise free to make their position known. Those who actively support and promote the sexually active gay & lesbian lifestyle would be doing so in direct contradiction to Christian teaching. Such is the case with the Miller Brewing Company as the major support for the Folsom Street Fair. Christians may object and ask Miller to change their policy in that regard. If Christians, or anyone who finds Miller's position untenable, are not happy, they may withhold buying Miller's product and encourage others to do likewise.

In this instance, it appears Jews and Muslims are also asking Miller to change their position.