Thursday, October 4, 2007

Does NJ deserve 'a second chance'?

ust who or which is the victim here?
- the gay-rights activist referenced in the video?
- the Christian church which denied access to their property for a 'civil-union' ceremony?
- the state of NJ which is ridiculed in this video?

Whom do you judge to be aggrieved?

How do we provide 'a second chance' ?
...and to whom?


Fr. V said...

I sincerely hope there is more to this story than meets the eye. *sigh*

That was also me fear about accepting too much financial support from the government (faith based initiatives and what-not) when do the strings start being pulled???


uncle jim said...

I hear that response from many people involved with Christian Schools - Government money has strings. There is one rather large Christian [Baptist] school in our area that accepts absolutely NO government money [and pay taxes on the building and property as a result - of course I have a hard time believing any government agency would get even that way - cough].