Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The 'Eyes' Have It - It's A Miracle

On a Saturday evening around 11pm, one of our adult sons and his compact car were run-over by a full sized pick-up which had run a red-light at a major 5-way intersection near the University of Michigan campus. Our son was on his way home from work as a waiter and wine-steward at a 'better' restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Now, start counting the 'miracles'...or close encounters with the divine, if you will.

1 - Setting at that intersection, at two different directions of approach, were two Ann Arbor Police cars. They witnessed the accident and radioed for ambulances for a 'possible fatality'.

2 - Expecting the worst, the first officer getting to the compact car found the occupant conscious, talking, and trying to get out. They got him to the U of M Medical Complex about a mile away.

3 - During the extrication process, the officer noted the occupant had lost an eye. He searched and found it. The ambulance had a solution cup in which to store it, and took it with them.

4 - In the ER, the staff began calling in special personnel. They don't normally have an eye surgeon setting around ER on a Saturday night. Their first call was to the Kellogg Eye Institute, part of the U of M Medical Complex. COINCIDENTALLY, the head of the surgical department was there in the building. On hearing the nature of the injuries, he said he and his team would take the case. He advised ER his people would be ready to go by the time they could get the patient to the Eye Institute building.

5 - Our son's wife woke up about 11 o'clock - about the time of the accident. He wasn't home yet. At 11:40pm, she called his cell phone. The person who answered asked who was calling, then identified himself as a Doctor at the U o M Medical Complex ER and advised her that the person who had the phone on him had been brought into ER about 15 minutes ago after an automobile accident. On learning that she was his wife, he advised her to come to the ER as soon as possible.

6 - We were just getting into bed when the phone rang - 11:50pm. An almost hysterical daughter-in-law tried to tell me what had happened. She was getting the baby ready to go to the hospital, BUT she didn't know where it was located - they had just moved to the area 5 weeks prior. I assured her we were on our way. We advised her to call the police for directions. When she arrived, her husband was already in surgery.

We arrived about 4:30am. He was still in surgery. Around 8am they were finished and the Doctor talked to us. They had re-implanted his natural eye, and did reconstruction surgery to surrounding tissues and the eye socket. There would be a 50/50 percent chance of the natural eye surviving, but NO VISION, as the optic nerve had been severed.

7 - We took the baby to their apartment and let her sleep awhile. By mid-afternoon we were headed home with the baby. Our daughter-in-law was there to help her husband through the recovery. We arrived home safely after having no sleep for 37 hours.

The natural eye did not survive. After a couple of months a prosthetic was implanted. It has been replaced twice since.

I hope this story has enough 'miracles' for you. Use them to build your faith - but don't just call them all coincidences.

Do you have 'a second chance' story to share? Write it in the comment box.

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