Tuesday, June 17, 2008

something old and something new

Your Way Tuesday
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tridentine mass anyone?
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Tutorial on the Latin Tridentine Mass accorind to the 1962 Missale Romanum (Roman Missal)
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From time to time, you may be reading some one's blog post, or some one's comments to a post, or just be surfing around and come across discussions regarding the Latin Mass. Here is your source site. Everything you wanted to know, and more - just 'click' here to see the whole site.

Do you have any experience with the Latin Mass? Recently? or before Vatican II?

Share your thoughts, comments, memories.
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Anonymous said...

I FINALLY know what N.B. means!!! LOL LM

Anonymous said...

I've going to a Tridentine Mass for several years now. The FSSP was invited by our bishop to set up a parish here and it's been going strong for quite some time.

Every third week, I serve at Low Mass. It's a very rich and rewarding experience.

I also go to an English Mass with my wife and kids on Sundays. I'm not as fond of it, but I spend most of the Mass taking my kids either to the potty or out for a walk, anyway.

I've seen the English Mass done very well. But, mostly, the English Mass is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're going to get.

uncle jim said...

i have to confess:
there is a tri mass every tues eve at our parish church - about 100 yards from my front door - i've never been there - most times my excuse is i've got something else scheduled, or it is the only nite this week with nothing else scheduled, etc.
i'm gonna try harder ... honest.

Melody K said...

When I was in grade-school, pre-VII, we used to have a "dialogue" Mass before school. We all had the big daily missals and learned the Latin responses. Are any of the TL Masses now dialogue? I liked that. If there was a TL Mass in my area I would go, just to see if it was like I remembered. But I have an idea that most of the time I would continue to go to the Pauline Mass at our parish.
Perhaps there will be some crossover from the TLM to the "regular" Mass; a greater reverence, the use of some Latin. That wouldn't be a bad thing.

uncle jim said...

i had forgotten about the dialogue latin masses ... they were an attempt to engage the faithful more fully into what was happening ... why should the servers get all the fun?

i wish i had worked harder to qualify at being a server in the pre 1962 latin mass - we had a 'mean spirited' old monsignor who would not 'condone' mistakes by the servers. he would stop mass and correct them, rather loudly at times, to their shame and embarassment.

but, alas, those were the good old days of training and discipline. sister had her paddle and ruler, and monsignor would grab you by the ear and pull aside and verbally assault you.

see what sticks in my mind - not all the wonderful and kindly things they did ... memories are strange.

i like to hear the occasional use of latin hymns in the NO mass by some liturgists ... and every once in a while some chant.

let's see where we are 10 years from now.

Melody K said...

Fortunately our pastor was more patient. One of my brothers was trained to be a server, and as soon as he had learned all the Latin, the changes went into effect, and he had to re-train. All that work for nothing!