Sunday, July 6, 2008

second time around = second chances

My Way Sunday
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
youth is wasted on the young -
they don't know what to do with it
the bells were ringing
. . . . . . . . . .
Saturday was quite a busy day. First it got started later than usual. I slept in until 7:30am and had an appointment with a computer technician at 9am. The computer guy was to help put together one or two 'good' complete units [a cpu with monitor and mouse] out of 4 units of varying age and speed and capacities and functionality.

We met at my office at 9am and he got started. When I left him at 12:30pm, he had one complete set up and running. He was well started on getting second one going - he had already swapped some memory cards and had 'trashed' one monitor. The cpu from which he was stealing pieces and parts would probably be scrapped once he was finished. There was a fourth unit that, while still functioning, was so old and slow that it wasn't deemed suitable to our needs and would end up in a reclamation station.

I'll check on that all today sometime and see where he ended up.

I left him because I needed to get home to shower and shave and dress appropriately for a 2pm wedding. I made it.

Marriage is such a wonderful event - this one in particular. The bride is a friend and neighbor of ours. When we're on vacation, she gets our mail. When one of her kids needs to use the internet for homework because their machine is down, they come to our house. When she has a fire in the kitchen, one of the kids runs down and gets me to help put it out. If she needs to be gone a day or two, the kids stay with us. It has been a good neighborly relationship. The missus and I admire her so much.

She has been a single mom for some time and she has done an absolutely marvelous job. Her oldest son is getting ready to graduate from an Ivy League College. Her daughter just graduated from High School - with honors. Her youngest son just graduated from 8th grade and starts high school in the Fall. She is a practicing RN and is loved by everyone at the hospital at which she works.

Her new husband is a former successful business man who is now teaching in an inner-city 'at risk' middle school in a large city in Florida. He grew up here in our fair city, and we've known his parents and one of his brothers, and one of his sisters, for years - there are 8 children in all, and we've met them all from time to time. He, likewise, has adult children from a previous non-marriage.

The wedding Mass was wonderful. They planned it so well - and they knew exactly what they wanted it to be. It was God centered and so richly reflective of their deep abiding faith. Their faith has been nurtured and has grown through the years of their life experience. They were like two young people getting married - all excited and happy - and their life experience allowed them to bring all that to the Lord's table. "and the two shall become one."

The reception party that they planned and put together with a lot of help from their close friends was truly a celebration of new love.

Wow! What a day Saturday was.
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Therese said...

Sounds like a great wedding Uncle Jim. I love weddings. Only problem is, I cry at all of them since my wedding. Especially when the wedding march music plays.