Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a little good news goes a long way

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End this Scandalous Charade

“Good Catholic” Nancy Pelosi presents an unavoidable test for the U.S. bishops.

By George Neumayr [George Neumayr is editor of Catholic World Report. ]

Seeking to soften her image as a champion of San Francisco libertinism, Nancy Pelosi, the new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, assumed her position in January under the reassuring cloak of Catholicism. She quoted at length the prayer of St. Francis in her maiden speech, invoked repeatedly in interviews her Italian “Catholic” upbringing, and attended a well-publicized mass at her alma mater, Trinity Washington University.

On the day after the mass, she then tossed her Catholic cloak off. Heading up her list of legislative priorities during what she called the “first 100 hours” was a bill expanding federal funding for destructive experimentation on human embryos.

...if ever there was an obvious occasion for the American bishops to end the appalling charade of politicians exploiting their Catholicism while betraying it on the most crucial issues, Nancy Pelosi provides them with it.

Shirking or delaying this confrontation will just embolden the Pelosis and Kennedys, and make possible yet another generation of Catholic politicians willing to use then abuse their religion. If Church officials continue to sit on their hands, secularists will continue to accumulate victories, not in spite of Catholic politicians but because of them.

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a little good news

ccording to the Vatican's statistical yearbook, there were 63,882 major seminarians worldwide when John Paul II began his pontificate in 1978; by the end of 2005, that number had grown to 114,439 - an increase of 79.1 percent.
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Adrienne said...

I cringe every time Nancy Pelosi mentions she is a Catholic.

Tom in Vegas said...

The Pelosis, the Kennedys, and the Kerrys. I'm tempted to call the indivisual who gets these three losers tossed out of the Church and on their rear-end a saint.


Adrienne said...

...and besides - there is something bad wrong with that woman's face. Too much surgery and too much botox. What in hell is wrong with wrinkles???

Buddhist, RN said...

I am not a fan of her or John Kerry, but I have to say I DO love JFK. The Democratic party has only gone downhill since then, my grandma despairs. These days I refuse to state a party. No one's any good anymore! You either have crazy ultra liberals or scary religious conservatives. No one's in the middle anymore.