Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bad News ... Good News

Any Way Saturday
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The snow started falling around 9:15am. Forecasters are saying it will let up in the later afternoon for awhile after depositing 3 - 5 inches in our band. The precipitation will then turn to a wintry mix of rain and freezing rain and sleet and ice. An all snow event will return during the night and through most of the day on Sunday with near-blizzard to blizzard like conditions. Additional snow accumulations of from 7- 12 additional inches, for a total event of from 10 - 17 inches before this system clears our area Sunday evening. It looks like it could be a long day on Monday.

That is the bad news.
. . . . .
Now for the good news.

This morning was 'Graduation Day' for one of the occasional commenters to this blog, Miss Emily. She has achieved her goal and has been officially accepted into that rarefied consortium of the educated. She has a very special giftedness and heart for working with the severely handicapped. Her Bachelors Degree in Education, with the emphasis of specialization in that area, will serve her and the school system that subsequently employs her very well indeed. Her future students will greatly benefit from her talents and heart.

I've know this young-woman for several years, and will attest to her drive and determination. She has worked extremely hard to accomplish the recognition garnered this morning. I congratulate her on a job well done - I am proud to have known her as she worked so diligently towards completing the requirements of her degree. She had a little advantage in being a couple of years older than most of the graduates, and from the life experiences that were paid for with her share of difficult obstacles to be overcome - and she did.
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Buddhist, RN said...

Holy unread post, batman. I didn't even see this until just now! I am so honored to be in a blog post of yours! And hey, I know that picture!
Thank you for the lovely post. You are quite correct. I have learned much from my past and it has served me well. When we allow it to happen, God helps us bring good fruit from bad choices and also unavoidable bad situations. Luckily I eventually learned to let this happen. I can't believe I am done with school and ready to have a classroom of my own.