Saturday, December 22, 2007

blinded by the lights

Any Way Saturday
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ome years ago, the missus and I took a summer vacation trip - unfortunately, it is one of a very few in our life ... we have never been very good at actually taking vacation trips, opting instead to visit family or some such thing. That particular year we went to 'upstate' New York into the Adirondak Mountains. We stayed at a ski lodge in the middle of July. Wonderful rates were available that time of year.

Living in the midwest, even when out of the city into the countryside, we had never seen the night skies illuminated as magnificently. From the vantage point of such incredible height, and distance from any population center, the stars seemed twice the size and thrice the brightness.

Imagine the view of that famous traveling star written about in the Holy Scriptures. Following such an object shouldn't have been all that difficult, I would think - especially in the absolute solitude of the landscape of the region.

It does seem more difficult today, though. Could it be the glitter and lights around us today that keeps us from seeing it ... and following it? Could we possibly be blinding ourselves in our creative celebration of 'the season'?

' Click' on the above > and watch in wonderment.
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nly a few days away is an opportunity to relax in the presence of the King - I hope I don't let all the lights blind me.
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Adrienne said...

Is that for real??? And these people actually have neighbors that haven't shot them??

And, finaly question, is that a big 'ol peace sign just to the right of their front door??

uncle jim said...

that IS a big ole 'peace' sign.
i take it to be like one of fr v's symbols.
after all, Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
'peace', if you will, just hasn't found its way to that neighborhood yet.

Buddhist, RN said... I a terrible person for thinking that this is the most awesome Christmas light display ever? I may not want to be their neighbor, true. But that is pretty sweet. I would NOT want to see their electric bill though.

uncle jim said...

miss emily,
it IS an awesome light show.
it is ingenious - the tech involved is mind-boggling to me.
i used it as an illustration, though.
the family which did this may be the most in tune people ion their neighborhood - i mean in tune to what the celebration is all about and this may be their way of showing it - like 4th of July.
i will not judge their intentions.
some, though, who do huge displays, do it for other reasons, i suspect.
have a great and wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

Buddhist, RN said...

Leave it to me to miss the point because I saw something shiny and bright! I do get the point though. My favorite part is the star spotlight thing. It reminds me of a computer game I played as a kid where our weapon was a flashlight. Wish they still had it around. Hope your Christmas was just splendid.