Saturday, January 3, 2009

now is the time to speak

consummatum est
say feenee
[ c'est finis ]

Tomorrow will be a day of rest ... as it should be. A handful of miscellaneous odds and ends - touch-up, clean-up, put-up - and the room is now in use.

ALLELUIA - thanks be to God - Amen!

[batteries dead in camera - hope to correct that tomorrow and then I'll try to post a few pix.]


MJ said...

Alleluia indeed. Congratulations!!!
Anxiously awaiting pictures.

Debhartig said...

Hurrah! you will be blogging again! I know that is selfish of me. I am sure you are both very relieved and happy.

uncle jim said...

thanks for the encouragement
hope to get back to it very soon

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