Sunday, January 4, 2009

new life

fresh camera batteries make the difference

you shoulda seen it before

May I present a few 'after' shots [sorry - I didn't take any 'befores']:

hank you for your patien
ce. For those of our family and friends who have wandered in at anytime during the past 6-1/2 months, the mess was almost intolerable at times - just ask Rozann. And those who have wandered in anytime in the past few days, you have seen the transformation - the epiphany of our efforts.

In Review: the room is approximately 11' x 22'; the area where the TV and cabinets is now located was an enclosed closet and storage area - all of which was ripped out; the area in the corner of the room where the stacked washer-dryer units set had bad flooring which I had to rip up and repair and replace; drywall was installed all the way around; new exterior door and accompanying storm-door; new door to kitchen area; 6 new windows and accompanying storm-windows; new Pergo laminated flooring; new ceiling; new cabinets at both ends; new stackable washer and dryer; new 37-inch LCD-HD 1080p flat-panel television; 2 new electrical outlets and 1 new TV cable hook-up plug-in; new area rug; new 3-seat couch [both ends of which are recliners]; new 2-seat rocker-recliner with center drink-holders and storage.

All-in-all, not too bad for a week-end do-it-yourselfer - and the best part of all is ... ROZANN likes it and is happy [now that the mess is cleaned-up]!
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MJ said...

Wow!!! It looks fantastic. I wouldn't even know where to begin with a project like that. Do you hire out?!!

uncle jim said...

thanks, mj - yes i do hire out ... my wife has me booked through August of 2027.

if your job can wait that long, and i'm still alive, i'd be glad to give it due consideration.

have a great 2009

Adrienne said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am beyond impressed. So clean and up-to-date. Wasn't here a bunch of paneling in there before?

Love the washers and dryers, too. My washer and dryer were purchased used from a friend who had them in a rental house - 21 YEARS AGO!!! No lie! (Whirlpool) I'll have to shoot the bastards to get rid of them. LOL

Lillian Marie said...

Oh my! Wow! Congratulations to both of you ... quite amazing. And I'm sure Rozann has quite a few other projects in store now that this room is completed. (??!!)

Adoro said...

Awesome...and so homey!

(You are SO on my list of people to visit!) I gotta see that in person!

Debhartig said...

You did it in a pretty good amount of time. Having lived with a carpenter 33 years, most of that was spent with projects in the works, due to finances and time. Our garage took 10 years to complete. But it is a nice one! with a woodshop that Dave and the boys and grandkids had a lot of fun in. I lived in a home as it was built around us and we never did finish it and then our current house which was like camping for years. There is always someting to be done.

uncle jim said...

it is homey and y'all are welcome to drop by fer a spell

i'll leave the lite on fer ya

Anonymous said...

Jim's sister, Jeanne, says "WOW" I am very impressed. Are you sure our brother Jeff didn't come help you on this? Looks very, very nice!

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