Tuesday, January 6, 2009

looking forward to the past

22 out of 23 isn't too bad

ring them bells

The Christmas holidays are all but past. I hope they are not soon forgotten.

Our concern for others seems to grow during this season. We can all look around and see someone who is worse off than I. For a short time some of us are able to look beyond our own needs and be willing to share some of what we have to benefit those who have not.

This was the 22nd year (out of the last 23) that I was a Salvation Army Volunteer bell-ringer. I saw a lot of generous people pass by my kettle station - I say generous because they were stopping and depositing money into the kettle.

That was then ... this is now. The needs are still there. More people than normal are out of work. More people than normal are depending on others to help them make it day to day. More people than normal have lost their home and need someplace to stay out of he cold. They still need our help.

Salvation Army isn't the only show in town. Check with your local church or other philanthropic organizations ... ask how you can help. The 12 Days of Christmas still leaves 353 days of need. Get involved - help!

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