Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Your Way Tuesday
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and this from the Dawn Patrol

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"in catholic schools we do not get taught that contraception is not evil but rather it 'saves' embryos from abortion."

Even if one puts aside the double negative, the idea that students are taught "rather" that contraception "'saves' embryos" is disturbing. It recalls the Canadian bishops' infamous Winnepeg Statement dissenting from "Humanae Vitae"— which pro-life leaders recently urged Canada's bishops to retract.

More information on the campaign to retract the Winnipeg Statement is available from The Rosarium.

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D.C. bound
. . . . .
ixteen 8th grade boys and girls.
Two Middle school teachers.
Four volunteer parent chaperons.

At 9:15pm EDT
last evening [MO], the luxury bus coach departed from the front of the parish Middle School building and headed for the highway. By approximately 9am EDT this morning [TU], they will be arriving in the heart of our nation's capitol at Washington, D.C.

Six days and evenings touring the sights and attractions in and around this very
historical area. After wearing themselves out, they will depart next Saturday evening at approximately 8pm EDT. The following morning, Sunday May 11 [Mother's Day AND Pentecost Sunday], at approximately 8am EDT, they will arrive back in front of the Middle school. Their Social Studies Field Trip will be finished except for the paper work [reports].
. . . . .
me - the social butterfly
. . . . .
Parents and siblings will be welcoming them home. A few of us will be welcoming our spouse. My wife, Aunt Rozann, is one of the Middle School teachers accompanying the group. My main task will be to have my bed made, the laundry done, the sink empty of dirty dishes. That, my friends, will entail a little extra effort.

On the evening before [SA], I have invited 19 friends [husbands, wives, children] for a carry-in family-style dinner. We'll eat and chit-chat and play games with the kids and have a grand time - and probably let it go on a bit too late. Morning will arrive early and with a vengeance.
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Anonymous said...

enjoy your short bachelorhood.

uncle jim said...

oh, I shall - amidst the tears and lonliness, she shall be missed.

Adrienne said...

Now that's what I call a bus. I assume the teachers and chaperones get the nice back area....