Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
All sewn up

I am very glad to report that my surgery yesterday morning went very well. I just got home and am dashing off this entry before getting into the serious business of resting up. Many thanks to those who answered my request for prayers.

As I wrote earlier, the operation was to remove the rest of my thyroid—a precaution in the wake of the removal of a thyroid nodule last January 29 that proved cancerous. My surgeon told me afterwards that it looks like the remainder of my thyroid was cancer-free, thank God. He did remove a few lymph nodes for testing, but it's my understanding from him that even if cancer is found in them, it won't mean that it has spread elsewhere in the body. The last part of my treatment will come in two months, when I will have to return to the hospital to take radioactive-iodine pills that will wipe out any remaining traces of thyroid tissue from my system.

Since, I promised my dad, who picked me up from the hospital, that I wouldn't blog at length until I've rested, I will leave it there for now, except to say that, as before, the experience reminded me how much of a difference it makes when people pray for me. The first 16 hours after surgery were much more of an endurance test this time around than last time, yet here I am now at home and really doing well. I was even able to walk the few blocks to my place on this beautiful sunny day. So, wishing blessings back at you and will write more soon.

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