Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cause Way Thursday
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May 3rd, 2008

One Million people praying
the rosary for the unborn.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

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What do they know?
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Last eve I went to pick-up some tickets for a political rally here on this coming Saturday morning. Senator Barak Obama will be here speaking at the local state college campus.The announcement said that the local campaign office would start giving out tickets at 5pm.

They did not say how many you could have, or how many total they were giving out. His local campaign office is in the college campus area known locally as "the Village." When I arrived at the Village area around 4:45pm, I experienced traffic grid-lock. Local and campus police were directing traffic and trying to keep it moving.

When I arrived at the block where the office is located, I decided to go back to my normal life and give up on getting tickets - the line was already 5 blocks long and more people were pouring into the area, some jumping out of cars to get in line while the poor drivers had to find someplace to park.

By 7:00 pm, according to the local news this morning, they had given out their quota of 3,000 tickets. There were many hundreds still in line - any many, like me, who probably did not stop. I drove around the area, just to see and ponder the crowd standing in this long line.

I did not see one - not one - black person in that line. I will grant that I was driving through a very traffic congested area - I may have missed some. What do they know that those in line don't?
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'cause he's one of the greatest hockey players alive
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"Mr. Hockey #9" - Gordie Howe

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Tonight, Thursday April 10, 2008, the Detroit Red Wings start their crusade to bring home the Stanley Cup - the top prize in all of professional hockey. If successful, it will not be the first appearance of Lord Stanley's Cup in their building - it will be the 11th time it has resided there.

Ten days ago on March 31, 'Mr. Hockey' celebrated his 80th birthday. The day before on March 30, there was a huge birthday party for him at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The Detroit Red Wing players and organization and all fans present, celebrated the man of the day.
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from the Detroit Red Wing web-site:

One day before he turns 80-years-old, Mr. Hockey was honored in a special pre-game ceremony at center ice prior to the Red Wings’ game against the Nashville Predators on Sunday afternoon at Joe Louis Arena.

Asked about his NHL longevity, Mr. Hockey paused to reflect. “I think you stay awake some nights and think, ‘How the heck did it ever happen?’ ” Gordie Howe said. “I think it was my love for the game.”

Wings general manager Ken Holland presented Howe with a newly updated Red Wings varsity jacket, commemorating the jacket he received when he signed with the Red Wings back in October 1946.
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Gordie Howe played in the NHL from 1946 to 1981 - 35 years. At one time in his career he played on the same NHL team with his two sons.

Our love of hockey and the Detroit Red Wings comes easily. My wife grew up in southeastern Michigan, about 45 minutes from downtown Detroit. I grew up in Toledo Ohio, an hour away from downtown Detroit.

For many years, my wife and I try to go to at least one Red Wings game a year. It is usually in Detroit, but it could be elsewhere - we live within 3-6 hours of five NHL team cities. This year that game took place on Friday eve March 28 in Detroit.

During the game, they made several promotional announcements encouraging everyone to come on Sunday and help celebrate Gordie Howe's birthday. They also were promoting the release of a new biographical book entitled simply " 9 ".

That is the number he wore as a Detroit Red Wing. And wouldn't you know it, old 'Mr. Hockey', Gordie Howe, #9, was in the building that night to promote his book and sign autographs. Guess who's wife has a very special gift for her birthday coming in June?

The inscription on
the book's cover reads:

Hi Rozann. Sincere best wishes.
Gordie Howe
Mr. Hockey
HoF - 72

[HoF = Hall of Fame]

Then, to complement the book, I obtained a picture of Gordie in full stride stick-handling the puck ... from many years earlier in his career.

The inscription on the picture reads:

To Rozann,
Warmest regards and
Happy Birthday.
Mr. Hockey 9
Gordie Howe 9

Think I'll score any points?
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Adrienne said...

Now that's a very kewl gift! I grew up on hockey in St. Paul. Gordie was the greatest.

The Judge said...

Sure you'll score points! Assuming it's a surprise, of course.