Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cause Way Thursday
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've been tagged ... by my nephew, Dennis.
[Dennis will be ordained a priest June 7 for Diocese of Memphis TN]
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he rules of this game are as follow:

1 - Each player answers the questions about him or her self.
2 - At the end of the post, the player 'tags' five people and lists their names.
3 - The player then goes to their site and advises them they've been tagged.
4 - The player then asks the newly tagged to read tagger's blog.
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ere are the questions or commands [and my responses]:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
- working full-time in an automotive transmission repair shop as a partner [but not as a technician ... as a manager and janitor].

Name 5 things on your 'to-do' list today.
- prayer; pay bills; plan party; go to bank; go to post office

What things would I do if I were a billionaire?
- pay-off debt for self and family members and parish; contribute to grass roots evangelization and missionary work; provide for future education of many by a yet to be determined selection procedure; help other in financial distress; help fund new business starts to get people jobs

Name 3 bad habits or qualities.
- those pertaining to: pride, lust, gluttony

Name 5 places I've lived.
- Toledo, northwest OH; Cleveland northeast OH; Muncie eastcentral IN; Valparaiso northwest IN; Monroe southeast MI

Name 5 jobs I've had. [times 2 for extra credit]
- [first 5] bartender & cook - oil refinery laborer - appliance delivery truck driver - retail Hardware Dept Mgr in Discount Department Store - life insurance salesman - warehouse laborer in a tomato cannery; [next 5
all for a nationwide interstate trucking company over a 21 year span: dispatcher & billing-clerk - terminal manager - regional sales & operations manager - director of inter modal operations - vice-president of agency development]

Name 5 books I've read recently.
- The Appeal [Grisham]; The Cure [Dickson]; For One More Day [Albom]; The Broker [Grisham]; Every Man's Battle [Arterburn]

Name 5 people I'm going to 'tag'.
- Father V.; Robert Going; Adrienne; Tom [in Vegas]; Adoro Te Devote,
and anyone else who wants to give it a go. [you can click on the above names and link to their blog sites - go on - check them out]

I hope you have fun with this.

uncle jim
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Pittsburgh’s Bishop Zubik is a hit with teens
. . . . . . . . . .
By John Franko
. . . . .
Pittsburgh Catholic (
. . . . .
PITTSBURGH, PA (Pittsburgh Catholic) - From his seat in the middle of the second row, Bishop David Zubik fit right in with the teens around him.

REACHING THE YOUTHS - Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh said the warm welcome he has received from teens
Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh
said the warm welcome he has
received from teens "says a
great deal about the future
of our Church."

He watched the concert intently, clapping enthusiastically after each song.

It was obvious that he was comfortable in the presence of the young people — and they were comfortable with him.

More than 600 teens from around the diocese gathered to officially welcome Bishop Zubik to the diocese during an April 6 convocation at Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh’s Oakwood neighborhood.

The gathering included a concert by Who Do You Say I Am?, a prayer service and a social.

“The bishop showed me that he’s a man who can relate to people of all ages,” said Luke Haywiser of St. Valentine in Bethel Park. [ read complete article here ]
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Fr. V said...

Ah! Tagged!

Thanks Uncle Jim.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag Uncle Jim, but unfortunately, I did that one a couple weeks ago and just have nothing new to add. I can repost it, unless you have a different tagee in mind who might appreciate being tagged.

uncle jim said...

ah ...
i know i had seen it before, but i could not remember where.

how does the weather look for tomorrow? not going to drop 40 degrees or any such thing, is it?

i started cutting the grass this eve - another sure sign of spring i think.

Adoro said...

Oh, yeah, it's going to drop amazingly...snow for tomorrow night, although I suspect really more to the north and no accumulation here.

Enjoy cutting the grass!


Ladybug said...

Didn't know you have a blog ;-) but am glad to have found you by chance of a google search on post-abortion healing resources :-)

Therese said...

Hey Uncle Jim,

What party are you planning? I like your header. Thanks for your comments on my blog about our family photo.

It is great to hear about your nephew becoming a priest I will be praying for him between now and June.


uncle jim said...


party planning ...
ah, yes ...

the reason: my wife-
1 - her birthday
2 - her retirement from teaching in a Catholic Middle School [6th thru 8th grades] Science.

she has been honored with local, state, and national awards in her short 13 years of teaching in a school classroom.

she raised our family, went back to school, then began teaching at an age when many are retiring from it.

#1 allows her to do #2

in the states, she is now eligible for Government health-care [called Medicare] and a small retirement income.

she will probably continue to make herself available to substitute teach when they need someone, and will probably do some out-of-school tutoring - for pay.

so, we'll celebrate with a party. can you tell i'm proud?

sorry for bragging on her so much.

Therese said...

That is wonderful Uncle Jim. You have good reason to be proud of her.

uncle jim said...

Rachael C. -
how do i get to your blog - or is it off-line for now?

Ladybug said...

Hey there! When is your wife's birthday? Nope, my blog is still there and I hope to keep it going for now :-)

Tom in Vegas said...

Uncle Jim-

Thanks for the tag!:0) I have one post ahead of yours then comes your meme.

God bless!