Thursday, August 7, 2008

age has a lot to do with appropriateness

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This one's for me
2-day 'fast & purge' ends today
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One of the great things about growing a little older are the new medical examinations and procedures I get to encounter. This afternoon I get to experience what many of my friends, including my wife, have already experienced - a colonoscopy. I am told many lives have been saved because of this one examination procedure.

The last solid food I ate was at supper-time on Tuesday. Since then it has been only clear liquids - a minimum of 12-oz every hour. Oh, and then there has been the most gosh awful stuff I've had to drink. Starting at 8am Wednesday morning I had a 12-oz magnesium citrate solution cocktail - then, 9 hrs later at 5pm I drank a solution of 1.5-oz phospha-soda in a clear liquid cocktail - then this morning at 8:30am I drank another solution of 1-oz phospha-soda in a clear liquid cocktail. All this in an effort to 'purge' my lower digestive systems for the examination.

At 9:15am I am to stop drinking everything. At that point it is 'no food and no drink' until sometime after the procedure is completed and I'm out of recovery - probably about 3:30-4:00pm. I put that to be about 46 hours after my last solid food.

Side-effect to all this: I've already lost about 7 pounds in fluids and other stuff since I weighed in on Tuesday. Say a prayer for me - OK?
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Update 8:25 pm: Procedure went well. Results: 3 polyps - all removed ... appear non-threatening ... will await results of biopsy of polyps; diverticula found ... not currently causing any known problems ... to be treated with awareness, diet, and medical management. Return in 5-years if biopsies OK. Thanks for the prayers.
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The 2008 Teen Choice Awards
A Porthole into Their World
by Jonathan R. McKee
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The annual Teen Choice Awards (TCAs) always provides an eye-opening glimpse into the world of youth culture. And the 2008 show was the cleanest we've seen in years!

Don't get me wrong, this year's show still awarded racy TV shows that kids shouldn't be watching in the first place, movies they can't get into, and celebs who shouldn't be role models... that's a given. But the show itself was a breath of fresh air compared to past years.

This year the TCAs were hosted by Miley Cyrus, making the two hour television experience a huge draw for not only teens, but tweens and young kids as well. So I was extremely pleased (and surprised) when the show that has, in past years, twice topped the Parents Television Council's "Worst Family TV Show of the Week" went over 60 minutes without any racy performances or adult humor.

Yes... 60 minutes is only halfway through the show. That's when they introduced Mariah Carey. (Need I say more?) Mariah was present in her archetypal streetwalker apparel and singing her typical risqué lyrics. She performed her song "Love You Long Time" (with small excerpts of her hit song "Touch My Body" in the mix). Here's a tidbit of the lyrics she sang to the... dare I say... "children" in the audience:

Touch my body.... Touch my body....

...Addictive just can't get enough
And every time I'm with you I want some more
Just close the door
And let's explore each other
And a little later in the song...

Scoop me up and we can go
To that little spot where no one knows
Spend a little time just us alone
You can caress my body and never let go
Not exactly the kind of thing I would want an adult saying to my kids. But that's Mariah.

Mariah aside, the show itself kept a pretty clean slate for 2008 (hey... that's kind of catchy).

But there's a bigger issue at hand here: the content behind all these names. In other words, what is all this stuff that kids voted for that they are watching and listening to?

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Adrienne said...


Debhartig said...

Hope you have a better experience than I did.

k_sra said...

definitely gonna be praying for you. you can make it! : )

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming your way . Please pray for my hubby too, he's having the same procedure tomorrow.


Melody K said...

Prayers for you; hope everything goes well.

Adoro said...

Prayers, always. MJ, prayers for your husband, too.

uncle jim said...

MJ -
How'd your hubby do?
I seem to have no after effects ... but we'll give it another 24 hours or so.

Anonymous said...

I've been through two of them. It's the fasting part that sucks. The rest of it I was blissfully unaware of.

Tom in Vegas said...


I'm glad your colonoscopy went well. I hope that the biopsy will confirm this. I will keep you in my prayers for continued health, and a speedy recovery from this procedure. God bless you.