Thursday, February 14, 2008

Size matters

Vid Way Thursday
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How many pairs of pants have I owned and worn in my lifetime? How many sizes have I worn since High School? or since getting married? or in the past 10 years? Sometimes I use the tradition of Lenten discipline and fasting to change more than just my spiritual appearance. Sometimes my waist line benefits, too.

I'm all for the 'reforming my ways' approach to Lent. However, recent leanings have been more towards doing something extra - something positive. Don't read me wrong, now - I still need to review my past and work at incremental improvement. God knows, I mess up a lot.

This year I've found a nice meditation booklet, copyrighted by the Diocese of Saginaw, MI. It is titled The Little Black Book and is based on the writings of Bishop Ken Untener [1937 - 2004]. It is a collection of 6-minute meditations - one for each day of the Lenten season ... and I love it.
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