Saturday, February 23, 2008

Any Way Saturday
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on my own
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How many times have I tried tried to wash away my sins with my tears? It is only by God's mercy that forgiveness becomes reality. My repentance opens the door - why do I keep closing it?

Often I question, "Why do I do what I do not want to do?" Often I pray, as Paul, asking that this thorn be removed. Often I despair at my inability to overcome.


uncle jim
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can you take it?
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Saint Andrew of Crete (660-740), monk and Bishop
from the Grand canon of the Orthodox Lenten liturgy, 1st ode

Father, full of compassion, come to me, take me in your mercy. The one whom the robbers attacked (Lk 10,30f.) is myself in the midst of the wandering of my thoughts. They strike me and wound me. But you, O Christ my Saviour, bend down to me and heal me. The priest sees me and turns away. The Levite sees me, naked and in distress, but passes by on the other side. But you, O Jesus born of Mary, You stop to help me. Jesus, I cast myself at your feet; I have sinned against your love. Free me from this burden for it is too heavy for me, and, in your mercy, take me to yourself. Do not enter into judgment with me. Do not uncover my deeds, nor inspect my motives and desires; but in your compassion, All-Powerful one, close your eyes to my sins and save me. Now is the time of repentance. I come to you. Free me from the heavy burden of my sins and, in your gentleness, grant to me tears of repentance.
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Buddhist, RN said...

You can't cure sins with tears, but sometimes crying makes you feel better! We all need a cry sometimes. That's a beautiful quote. I don't think we entirely close the door sometimes...I think it's halfway open and we peek into it every so often but are afraid to really go in. Completely changing yourself is a scary thing, no matter what rewards it may bring.

I think you just inspired a picture. Hmm. *goes to get camera*