Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Way Wednesday
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There seems to me to be a trend starting to develop this past decade or so. That seems to me to be a more serious search for the truth. In spite of all the secularism that has arisen, world wide, I think there is an deeper search going on by many. Some of these many are already 'religious'. Some are Catholic, some are Protestant, some are atheistic, some are not sure what they are - but they're all searching for something deeper and true.

We read fairly regularly of those who leave the Catholic Church and move over to protestantism, especially to Evangelical denominations; and others to Pentecostal groups. On the other side, we hear of Protestants who are 'crossing the Tiber' and becoming Catholic. I believe it is all in response to a hunger in the soul for something truer than what they believe they are experiencing.

There are some who have made the journey and returned to where they started. In an interview earlier this year, Tim Drake interviewed
Francis Beckwith. The article appeared in The Catholic World Report and was titled To Evangelicalism and Back. In the article,
Francis Beckwith discusses the reasons for his reversion and reactions to it.
[Tim Drake is a Lutheran convert to the Catholic faith. He serves as senior writer with the National Catholic Register and Faith and Family Magazine. He writes from St. Joseph, Minnesota.]

What can we make of his journey? You can read the article here.
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Adrienne said...

I have followed the Beckwith "crossing" with much interest and joy. He will bring much to our Church.

People are searching the way our secular society has taught them is the way to happiness and fulfillment. Hence, the coffee stands, rock music and, other secular entertainment in the new "mega-churches."

The reason Catholic leave the church is because THEY DON'T KNOW THEIR FAITH! Sorry to shout but I am passionate about this subject. They may claim some other reason but the basis is always the lack of knowledge.

We give our children watered down liturgy, horrible music, and coloring books instead of catechisms.

Their is no vibrant adult education and almost no Bible studies in our churches.

We should all listen to what the Beckwiths of the world are saying to us. His interview made one thing clear; it was lack of knowledge that led him away and it was knowledge that brought him back.