Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I just listen to the music - not the words!

Vid Way Tuesday
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Madison Avenue [the advertising boys] have made their BILLIONS of dollars by making sure I buy their client's products & services. How do they do that? Many, many, times it is by putting the message to music. They know, with the empirical evidence to back it up, that even when we think we're only listening to the music we're taking in their message.

When I say, "But mom, I only listen to that song for the music.", the reality is that she can win the bet 9 times out of 10 betting that I can sing along with the song even though I'm not listening to the words [yeh...right!].

How many of the 'oldies' from my era can I sing along with when I hear them on the radio? Many, if not most. But I never listened to the words ... I just liked the beat.

If I listen to good lyrical music, maybe even 'Christian' music, do you think that it would fill my mind with things of Christ more than if I listen to P. Diddy or 50 cent? What if someone took well known and popular current Christian songs and applied a secular message to the melody? Would I think of the Christian lyrics and remember Christ, or would I hear their secular message?
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