Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ever get it backwards?

Vid Way Tuesday
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Faith produces works - or is it works produces faith?

Is it infant baptism, or believers baptism?

Christ is present in the Eucharist because the priest says the words given by Christ - or, does the faith of those gathered make Christ present allowing the priest to say the words?

It is not uncommon, unfortunately, to have a conversation with a randomly selected group of parishioners and find their understandings to be varied and mixed.
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What do we need to do to get help and get our understandings working right?

On-going adult faith formation is critical. Let your pastor and staff know you want MORE!
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Anonymous said...

Getting the theology straight on the Eucharist is a tricky thing. What makes the Eucharist? Is it the words? Is it the one who says the words? Is it the faith of the believers?

Actually, neither.

God makes the Jesus present in the Sacrament. He does it when the priest says the words, and it is the faith of the priest that leads him to intend what he is intending, so all of those elements are there. But God does it.

It's the presence of all those elements that can confuse us, but it's possible to think clearly about it.

What about the faith of those who receive communion? That's important for the Sacrament to have effect in the person's life, since a Sacrament is not magic but is rather an opportunity for grace which a person may accept or refuse. But it doesn't impact whether the Sacrament happens or not.