Tuesday, December 30, 2008

as the New Year approaches

progress is

measured in the details

Two windows and one doorway to go.

In addition to getting the finishing molding around the other two doorways and four windows, I've installed a set of 3 cabinets [one more cabinet yet to be installed on other side of room]. I've kept busy with the small finishing details of touch-up painting, the hanging of framed paintings and such, the set-up and installation of our first flat-panel television [37" LCD 1080pi], replacing electrical switch and outlet cover-plates, etc., etc.

All this puts me close enough to being done that my wife finally reminded me that there is a theater surround-sound system to be reinstalled. We took it out when we disassembled the room last June. I'm going to get that put back in, but it will be at the bottom of the list ... along with the other audio and video components that have not been used since that time. Maybe by Easter for all that stuff.

By the time I return to work on Monday of next week, other than the stuff in the above paragraph, I hope to declare completion ! ! ! !


Adrienne said...

Are you going to post some pictures??

Bet you're glad it's almost over!

uncle jim said...

How do you do that?

Anyways, YES!
It does feel good to be near completion.

I hope the beautiful snow there doesn't cloud your thoughts of heading to the eastern USA [OH is still part of that at this time].

I don't know if your husband's business[es] keep him occupied, but he might consider looking at Sweetwater in Ft Wayne IN and look at a second career start in that side of the music business. My son is there and loves it.

Sweetwater Sound Inc

5501 US Highway 30 W
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
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Have a safe and merry celebration this evening.

Melody K said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Jim. Sounds like you're almost there with the remodeling!