Monday, October 13, 2008

when do we make the time

last week: final mudding
this week: final sanding

...except for my calendar

So, this past Friday I got the last mud up.

Then it happened again ... the calendar thing:

Saturday morn I installed new storm door,
then rest of the day - FULL
Sunday - FULL;
Monday eve [tonite] - FULL;
Tuesday eve - FULL;
Wednesday eve - FREE after 8pm;
Thursday eve- FULL;
Friday eve - leave for annual camp out
Saturday - on camp out
Sunday - return from camp out early afternoon
Sunday afternoon and eve - relatively FREE
Monday eve - FULL
Tuesday eve - FULL
Wednesday eve - FREE
Thursday eve - FREE
Friday eve - FULL
Saturday daytime - mostly FREE
Saturday eve - FULL

I haven't looked beyond that, yet.

Anyone making book on this project? Will I get done by Thanksgiving?
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Adrienne said...

IMHO - It sometimes makes sense to hire a handyman type to do some of the stuff. A few hundred bucks could buy alot of work. And if you find some nice old retired fellow you would probably be helping him out at the same time. Just sayin'.....

uncle jim said...

you might just be onto something ...

now, about that few hundred bucks part of the equation...
this whole project was aimed at saving that few hundred bucks ... so we could come to toledo when you move in ;}

Adrienne said...

Maybe we should buy a duplex and in you can "live with us"

Uncle J - tell me the truth now - will I like Toledo people?? Are they all like you?

Anonymous said...

I used to do projects like that before I had kids. Now we hire it done--that is, if we really want it done.

Not making book, but there is an office pool--I have December 10th--'09