Thursday, October 30, 2008


sometimes you just have to give in...

the glass menagerie
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Several weeks ago I disassembled, right down to the rough frame, one of the six windows in the target room. My goal was to see how much time and energy were required to remove a unit, then all the glass from these double-hung pulleyed and weighted windows [there were 10 pieces of glass per unit], sand to the wood, refinish and re-glaze the entire unit, and reassemble and reinstall the whole thing. What with my usual limited pieces of time to do this task, the endeavor had spent over 2 weeks on that one unit and was not yet completed. About a week ago a friend said something like, "Schenkel ... why don't you give up and spend the money to buy replacement windows that you can install yourself and save yourself all this hassle - and maybe even make your Thanksgiving target for room completion."

As of this evening, five of the six windows are now replaced, including new storm windows installed.

Tomorrow I start on the ceiling. That will be followed by the floor [of which I have already removed a rotten section and shored it up and put down new sub-flooring].

Maybe ... just maybe ... I'll have enough done to move furniture back into the room by Thanksgiving. I may still have some finishing work, like molding and such, but it might actually be usable.

Whoops - I forgot something. I added a couple of new electrical outlets and a cable TV connection when I did the first drywalling over four months ago. I've run all the wire - I just need to get a licensed electrician to hook them to the breaker box. No fun being done, plug in the TV and nothing works. Guess I better do that soon.

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