Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cause Way Thursday
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God spoke to me
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The written word in scripture, the spoken word in a homily or sermon, the corrective words from my wife, the example of another man / woman / person I respect - all means by which God speaks to me. Today it was the words of scripture ... engraved on a plaque and hanging on the display wall of a Christian Book and Gift store.

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. [NIV]

Shopping: the explicit act of going from store to store to store to store to store with nothing in particular in mind to be purchased.

The missus and I are on a short vacation this week. We are in a tourists area of southwest Missouri called Branson. Rest and relaxation is the goal. Shopping was not on my list. None-the-less, I found myself walking the courts of not just one, but two, manufacturers outlet malls. And yes, non-planned purchases were made.

But I digress.

The aforementioned plaque caught my eye. I was immediately reminded of the nature of personal relationships. I have many - and many of them are with other men whom I not only look up to, but to whom I listen. God reminded me that I, too, am called to fill the same relationship with other men as other men fill with me.

Gender plays no role here. We are all called to be in relationship with each other. I pray our relationship will be Godly inspired. The body of Christ has accepted me into it ... I have a role in the functioning of that body - Father, help me perform it righteously.

uncle jim
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born again
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rock-n-roll lives on
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One of the highlights of visiting Branson, Missouri is the opportunity to see many many many live performers' shows at the many many many theatres. Picture the Las Vegas strip sans the gambling casinos: performance venues and restaurants and hotels dominate the landscape. Many many many other activities and adventures are available, also.

A phrase I heard since arriving here is that "Branson is a place that Senior Citizens bring their parents for vacation." While there are many many many families with children from teens down, there are a heavy preponderance of senior citizens present. A large number of the active performers are in that age group of those beyond normal retirement age. Shows are typically at 10am, 2 or 3pm, and 8pm. So you can see 3 shows a day, if you choose.

For instance, this afternoon we saw the original "COMETS" of Bill Haley and the Comets, from the 50's and 60's days. Bill Haley died in 1981, but 3 of the other original 5 members are still performing. They've picked-up a couple of replacements for keyboard and guitar. The originals still performing are Marshall Lytle 74 (bass), Joey Ambrose 74 (sax), Dick Richards 84 (drums).

You're saying to yourself, "You're kidding, right?" No - it is a fact. They have a permanent 8 months out of the year home at the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theatre in Branson. This is their 3rd year which started this week while we're here.

Bill Haley and the Comets are credited by many to be the original and official first starters of the music called 'rock and roll'. In 1952, a disc jockey by the name of Alan Freed at a Cleveland, Ohio radio station played their newest record, "Rock the Joint" and while it was playing, kept breaking in with a voice-over saying "Rock and Roll". The radio station's switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree. He ended up playing that song 9 times that night: people kept calling in and saying they wanted to hear that "Rock and Roll" song.

Now you know why the national Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland - that is where it started by that name.

Today, THursday, we leave Branson. We're headed to Chicago area [approx 9 hrs] for tonight as a resting place enroute to Detroit on FRiday. We're meeting dear friends for a late lunch; going to a Detroit Red Wings hockey game 'at the Joe' on FR eve; then breakfast on SAturday morning with a nephew and his fiancee; lunch with some other siblings in Toledo OH, only 1 hour south of Detroit; arrive home in IN SAturday evening sometime.

uncle jim
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Adrienne said...

You sound just a teeny, tiny miffed about the shopping. My hubby hates to shop and so do I (most the time)

Glad you're having a good time.

uncle jim said...

just a teeny tiny . . . nothing more