Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Comment" from Linda

n an earlier post titled "Choosers Can Be Beggars" [see below], there is a discussion about how we should respond to these individuals that would achieve the best without passing judgment.
Linda said...

If someone is looking for money for alcohol, drugs, giving money is helping the person self-destruct.

To help the truly needy, carry bottled water and gift certificates for coffee shops/sub shops, etc. If someone is hungry for food or thirsty, these donations will be appreciated and you will be serving Jesus in "the least of his brothers/sisters".

SO-o-o-o-o, everybody, 'go stock up today!' Give them a chance for 'a second chance'.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the best most practical ideas I've heard. Yes, I'll be writing but it will be a couple weeks cause last week and next week at school and after school are really hectic and I'm so backed up!! Hopefully next weekend.

uncle jim said...


We'll be looking forward to your 'a second chance' story.

This site should be a place where we can share with, and gain strength from, each other.

uncle jim said...

I've reread this several times, and can it be any simpler?