Monday, November 10, 2008

lofty sights

and then there were less than 3 weeks left

[over]head way being made

It doesn't hurt to have high expectations. In my minds eye, I could see getting all the ceiling grid-work and tiles installed this past Saturday. I forgot about a dinner commitment for the early evening. And I had a few ancillary chores and errands to take care of in the earlier part of the morning.

All in all, I had 5-1/2 goods hours from a friend and my own hands. I had installed 20% of the grid-work and tiles a week ago. Then on Saturday we were able to install another 40% of this 11' x 21' room.

I now have 60% of the room with new ceiling. It is my hope that I'll have enough time available through this week, including this coming Saturday, to get the remaining 40% installed.

On this past Friday we purchased the new laminated flooring ... 250 square feet. I didn't intend on buying it a full week ahead ... I just thought I was going to be done with the ceiling this past Saturday. So be it. But I am getting closer. I really expect to be able to start with flooring this coming weekend.

Any bets?
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