Friday, September 19, 2008

it is hard to top Pearl Harbor - we didn't, but...

Monday afternoon

farewell Waikiki
- hello southern east coast

[ You can click on the pictures to see them enlarged]

Pearl Harbor consumed our morning. It had an almost numbing effect on us - it really put us into a somber mood. After leaving there, we decided we'd just take a drive around the south & southeast & eastern coast and see what we could find - at least as far north as Kanehoe. It was a beautiful drive.

It took us along the 'gold coast' area - the very fabulous and expensive waterfront homes and properties. Many of them looked like movie sets - almost unreal in their opulence. Of course they were gated and the road was narrow and we weren't they only sightseers out that day. So there was no opportunity to stop and gawk and take pictures.

We eventually came to and thence through the beachfront communities of the southern-east coast. The waves were moderate and a lot of wind-surfers were out trying their hand at managing their sails.

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