Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - make it intentional

Vid Way Tuesday
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Me, my, mine, myself, I - self-centered, self-serving, selfish - my old self.

I am part of the same piece of cloth from which you come - I have the same creator as you - I am made in His image and likeness. Have I seen Him? Jesus says that He is the exact representation of the Father - if I have seen Him, I have seen the Father. Have I seen Jesus?

Am I part of His mystical body? Is He truly in me? Do I believe in incarnation? St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Christian believers in Galatia: [see chapter 2, verse 20]
"...it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives - in me." [hyphen and bold type added for emphasis]. rsv

Saint Benedict founded an order of priests and religious. One of the modern day members of his order, the Benedictines, wrote a song titled "Wherever you go" in the middle 1970's. During a musical interlude between verses of the song, a poem is recited. It says:
I want to say something to all of you
who have become a part of the fabric of my life.
The color and texture which you have brought into my being
have become a song, and I want to sing it forever.
There is a quality in us that makes things happen
when the paths of other persons touch ours -
and we have to be there and let it happen.
When the time of our particular sunset comes,
our thing, our accomplishment,
won't really matter a great deal.
But the clarity and care with which we have loved others,
will speak with vitality of the great gift of life
we have been for each other.
Gregory Norbert, OSB

Other centered, Christ centered, self-giving - I am here for you and you are here for me. A new year presents a fresh start for each of us. There are no 'do overs' but there are 'do betters'. In 2008, pray I may do better to serve you than I did in 2007.
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'CLICK' on the above > and ponder.
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hat can I do better this coming year?
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Sheila said...

one thing you will not be able to do better in 2008 is your blog - it is such an entertaining and uplifting part of my day!